Pikachu Inspired Makeup

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Pikachu Inspired Makeup

A global phenomenon since it began in 1996, Pokémon’s fan base has been enthralled by the fictional creatures featured in computer games and the original anime TV series. The video game franchise is Nintendo’s second best-selling franchise ever with hundreds of millions of copies sold globally. The popularity of the franchise shows no signs of slowing down due to new computer and mobile game releases such as the Nintendo Switch game, Pokémon Sword, and the mobile phenomenon, Pokémon Go! New movies also continue to prove popular including Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back.

The most popular pocket monster and star of the show has always been Pikachu, a cute but feisty creature. His striking yellow and black coloring combined with huge eyes and cute round cheeks have gained him millions of fans of all ages.

We collaborated with Tokyo Survival Challenge to have makeup artist and YouTuber, Joseph Harwood, create some Pikachu inspired looks. We show two of the looks in this article. Check out the third video here. The first look is a striking but wearable daytime Pikachu look and the second is a more artistic take on the famous little monster’s appearance. Follow our easy steps in this tutorial to create them yourself at home.

Look 1: Wearable Daytime

Prep and base:

1.Prep the skin ready for makeup application.

2. Apply a foundation in a slightly darker tone than your natural skin tone and blend out with a beauty sponge.

3. Add foundation in a slightly lighter shade to the center of your face. Blend outwards for a natural-light-within look.

3. Use your usual setting powder with a brush to lightly set the base and then use a white translucent powder applied with a fluffy brush to the center of the face to keep that glow.

4. Using a contour pallet in shades suitable for your skin tone to add definition to the face and cheeks before using a highlighter to contour the center of the nose.


5. Using a pen liner add definition to the eyebrows in gentle strokes to fill any gaps before using a colored brow gel to set and give volume to brows for a natural but groomed look.

6. Apply a Pikachu inspired matte primary yellow eyeshadow to the lids with a brush before using the same highlighter used for the nose contour to blend the yellow into the eye socket. Next use a darker orange toned shadow to blend into the outer corners creating subtle cat-like eyes.

7. To define the eyes, use a pen liner close to the lash line ending with neat wings at the outer corners. Add mascara and false lashes to finish and define the eyes.

Finishing Touches:

8. Use a neon pink shadow or blush to add Pikachu-like cheeks.

9. Finally, apply a lipstick in a color similar to your own lips but a bit deeper, before lining the lips with a matte shadow in a similar shade to define and set the look.

Look 2: Artistic, Theatrical

Prime and base:

1.Prime the skin ready for makeup and use a lip balm to prep the lips.

2. This time use a more full coverage foundation in the right shade for your skin tone applied with a brush. Ensure to include the neck and ears before blending with a beauty sponge.

3. Take a peachy color correction concealer and apply to the under eyes, contour the nose and to cancel out any visible shadows.

4. Next, use a contour kit to gently contour the nose and to add definition to the face and cheekbones, before adding a light application of setting powder to finish the base.


5. Use a dark shadow to sculpt the brows for a strong and graphic look. Set them in place with a brow gel and use a concealer to clean up the edges.

6. Taking the same Pikachu primary yellow shadow as the last look, apply to the lid following the natural lid shape and very gently blend into the skin for a concise and clean look.

7. Use a pen liner to create a graphic line from inner eye corner to the outer corner, before creating a Pikachu inspired lightning bolt shape at the point of the outer flick.

8. Finish the eyes with mascara and a Kabuki theater inspired red dot under the lower lash line, near the inner corner.

Finishing touches:

9. Use a highlighter to add a high sheen look to the cheeks before applying a liquid lipstick in a peach shade to the lips.

10. For the ultimate Pikachu look use a red skin pigment to add a red circle to each cheek before topping with a touch of red glitter.

11.  Finally dust the lips with a gold shadow for a burnished look.

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