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Japan — A "Developing Country"
for Hair Removal

In the United States, a country that drives global standards, taking care of pubic hair has become an established standard for women’s personal grooming. But this shift is not yet common knowledge among Japanese women, making Japan a "developing country" so to speak for hair removal.

Original Source: JAMA Dermatology

Revealing Your Hidden Charm to the World

In Japan, it’s still common for people to say that taking care of their pubic hair is embarrassing. However, as a country opening its doors to the international community ahead of 2020, there’s no better time to style your pubic hair and boldly reveal its hidden charm to the world!

Why Create Music from Pubic Hair?

In what way could Japanese women share this hidden charm with the world? After trial and error, we have finally proven our theory that pubic hair can be transformed into sound waves.

Recognizing this trend in Pubic Hair Grooming, we were inspired to launched a new music project to send out to the world — Pubic Hair Grooving. We turned to international record producer and DJ ☆Taku Takahashi, founding member of Japanese hip hop group m-flo, to make our vision a reality. Receiving individual hairs from volunteers, he turned each sample into a matching sound wave, taming them into a stylish mix to create the first pubic hair music track in history: IN MOTION.


Turning Pubic Hair into Sound
Transmitting Women’s Pubic Hair to the World

Making Every Woman's Individuality Reverberate

At Ningen Corporation, in order to secure as many pubic hairs as possible, we collected strands from Japanese women who agreed with the project's purpose. We then asked ☆Taku Takahashi to transform each hair sample into a wave sample based on unique attributes like length and curliness to create a sound as if the hair was singing. The result? From countless samples, a select few were chosen to form a song that has given Japanese women a new groove to reverberate throughout the world.


The Creator's Thoughts
Composer ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo,

What did you think when you heard about this project?
I thought they were messing with me. When I first received the request, it was simply "turning hair removal into music." I realized in a later meeting that it was actually pubic hair, but by then it was already too late. But the more I talked with the Ningen Corporation team, the more it became a funny and crazy project in a good way. So, I decided to try it as it was.

What troubles did you have while working on this project?
At first, I couldn't imagine what type of sound pubic hair could possibly make. Once I actually heard it, it turned out to be an unstable sound. It was very difficult to try and figure out how to assemble those unstable elements into a song. After realizing that, one solution I came up with was to smoothly lay out the samples so that it sounded like I was just nonsensically playing the synthesizer, and then grouping the samples into specific sequences and patterns. Another solution was creating a melody by putting the looped waves into the synthesizer and adding a musical scale to them.

Please give us your impression of this song.
On the one hand, it’s loaded with technological elements, and overall it becomes complete with a touch of melancholy flavor floating throughout. It's a song filled with ideas on how to compete and not be defeated by today’s music on the Billboard Charts that people from all over the world listen to, while still playing with the idea of pubic hair.

If you were to give the song a title, what would it be?
Since we have the image of the hairs moving quite a lot, I think I want to call it "IN MOTION".

Do you have any regrets about taking part in this project?
Regrets? No, not really. It's fine since we had fun doing it. I think maybe current users are sick of perfect harmony. So I sympathize with the way Ningen Corporation thinks about things from a vector that nobody will try, and I think that it may be the most important thing for Japan now.


Planning & Production
Ningen Corporation

Yoichi Hanaoka and Shiboru Yamane created the "thinking of funny and weird things" Ningen Group. In order to make a lot of people laugh, they continue to create strange advertisements and productions with no profit — without being stuck in one genre — through planning and expression that is centered on laughter. They have started to make useless things including the "Nose Hair Notification Agent Chorori," "The su (ス) shaped chair Suisu," and "Kinect Huge Breasts" to make a funny enterprise for branding, event production, web media management, and more.

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☆Taku Takahashi

DJ and producer ☆Taku Takahashi formed m-flo with VERBAL in 1998. As a solo artist he has also produced and remixed for domestic and international artists such as Calvin Harris, SMAP, Crystal Kay, Miliyah Kato, and MINMI. In recent years he has been active as a DJ, gaining tremendous support in the club scene, taking 1st place in LOUD's DJ 50/50 ranking 3 years in a row, joining the ranks of Japan's current top DJs. "," the internet radio station he created specializing in dance music, is celebrating its 5th anniversary and is the starting point of a new music movement.

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